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Birthdate:May 4
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Freddie Lounds grew up in a small town in southern New York. A white trash trailer park type area. She had an older sister who ran off with her boyfriend when she was young. Her father was abusive and an alcoholic, who was absent for the majority of her life. All she had was her mother who was also a drunk and pretty much the town whore.

Being small and mostly on her own, Freddie had to learn to survive. She kept to herself and used observation in order to keep out of trouble. Slowly learning to manipulate and con people to get her way. When she was 16, her grandfather died leaving her a small amount of money. She used this to go to college and saved the rest to start her own online journalism site later in life. After working for a few small time tabloids in NYC she moved on to her own publication.

Freddie is very interested in the criminal mind, murder, and violence. She’s drawn to such acts because she has no longer any reason to fear anyone. Since from a young age she was on her own (in a bad area) and had no one to protect her, she learned that fear would only end up getting her killed. Though she portrays herself as a psychopath she isn’t one. A bit of a narcissist, maybe. Only choosing to care when she wants to care, leading people to believe she has nearly no empathy at all. When it comes to getting a story she doesn’t give a damn about who’s toes she steps on. She merely wants to get her way.

Freddie is pansexual, caring far more about the manipulative and domination acts of sex. Whoever she feels she can manipulate with sex, she will. Gender identity isn’t a priority of hers (as sex is a great tool to get what you want out of people). She tends to be mostly dominant but if she believes someone is worthy of her submission she will submit. It just takes a lot of work and she hasn’t truly felt that she’s found that person yet.
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